DigiDog Design

DigiDog Design

Web Design, Made Simple!

We are DigiDog Design, a Rotherham based Web Design company, offering web design, hosting and online marketing advice!

Our aim is to be as helpful as we can, advising you on the best approach at getting your site noticed, and increasing those all important sales.

We primarly serve Rotherham and its surronding areas, such as Sheffield and Doncaster, but distance is just a number, so feel free to still contact us even if you aren't in these areas!

Web Design

Do you need a website to showcase your business? Why not let us help you!

All our websites work on both mobiles and desktops, and can be styled to your needs.

We offer packages for 3, 5 and 7 page sites, with the ability to add more pages, if needed.

We also offer a wordpress package, allowing you to maintain your site in your own time.


Are you sick of the hassle of hosting your site, and the upkeep? Let us take over!

We offer great hosting, tailored to what you need, using a reputable supplier with an almost 100% uptime rate.

Hosting with us also includes domain management, and has the option to add site maintenance, which includes a fixed amount of development time each month, allowing you to keep your site up to date, without the hassle of making the changes yourself!

Online Marketing

Are you looking at increasing online exposure, and an increase in sales? Contact us today to discuss what we can do!

We offer all things online marketing, from advice, to advertising campaigns and social media management.

Let's get things started!